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Saturdays: Closed unless Squeeze in fee attached to service fee.


The Braidie Bar

14 Triangle Park Drive 

Cincinnati, OH 45246



Welcome to the Braidie Bar

As a client of the Braidie Bar you are paying for an experience. At The Braidie Bar you get professionalism, precision with your hair and efficiency with your time.  You are valuable to me so the investment you make to be in my chair will reflect that. 

In order to keep my business running effectively please understand all of the following:


If I can tell you have not read these policies completely before booking your appointment, I will not allow you to book.  By booking an appointment you are agreeing to everything spelled out here and will be held to every policies. 


When booking be ready to pay deposit IMMEDIATELY! If you do not pay immediately I will give that slot to the next person. 


Covid-19 Rules still apply!!


-Clients must wear a mask.  Even if you are vaccinated I will still require you to wear a mask to be serviced by me. 

-Client must wash their hands upon entering my salon

-If you’ve been sick within 14 days of appointment please reschedule

-If you cough too much while being serviced I have the right to refuse to service you. 



-No cash accepted must pay through Zelle (please set it up before arrival).

-Cash app, PayPal or Venmo will be accepted with an additional fee to cover what they take out. 


-I will only be taking one client per day except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, so when booking if ANY TIMES are missing that day please select another date. If the date is already booked, I may allow a "SQUEEZE IN" appointment for an additional $100 added to your balance. 


Hair Policies 

I only provide 1B BRAIDING HAIR. If you desire another color or any other style outside of braids (ie. crochet styles of any sort) you will be RESPONSIBLE to bring that hair. Just ask upon booking and I will let you know what kind and where to get it from. 


Your hair MUST be 4 inches long all the way around, if it’s shorter (3 inches) there will be an extra charge of $50.  If it is too short (1-2 inches) I will not be able to service you. 


NO extra people allowed in your experience unless it’s a relative or guardian that’s driving you to your appointment. If you must stay with your child you will be required to wear a mask as well. 


Hair Thickness

There is an additional charge for thicker hair because it takes more time, product and hand strength to service you. We love our thick haired clients so I wanted to explain why your cost is different.  

Regular thick hair is $25 more

Thicky Thick Hair is $50 more

If your hair is THICKER then you scheduled for, and you do not book the correct style with designated time for thicker hair I will personally add a $50 charge to your final balance because my day is based on my appointments being correctly scheduled.

Hair Length


All Braid styles are done with 50in long hair (lower back).  If you want shorter please let me know when booking (40in available, mid back). Extra length is an addition $50 per body part (ie hips, butt, thigh etc). 

Children Clients


All children appointments can only be booked through Shintara directly at 513-724-4247. All ages are NOT accepted I only do 10 and up, pending their ability to sit still. 

Retainer fee

Retainer fee (formerly known as deposit) of $25 is required to book and must be paid IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the invoice.  The retainer fee is non refundable (if something comes up on my end I will refund you)  There is a $2 processing fee associated with the retainer.


There is ONE reschedule per deposit. After that your deposit will be void and you will be required to pay another one to get back on my calendar. 


If you reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment you will have to pay 50% of your balance before you can reschedule. 


If you reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment you will have to pay the full balance before rescheduling 


If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment you will be charged 50% of your balance. 


If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will be charged the full amount of your balance. 



Box Braids, Knotless Braids, and Bohemian Box Braids can only be booked online for:

10am on Wednesday and Friday

10am AND 4pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.

When booking if either of those times are gone it's already booked and you will need to pick another date.

PLEASE block off the appropriate amount of time based on how long the site says your style will take. I already work fast and don't need extra pressure from mishandled scheduling on your end.


There is a 10 minute grace period. If you do not contact me and notify me that you will be late you will be charged a late fee of $25. At 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged full price for your service. If you do not pay you will be added to my blocked from booking list. You will not be able to reschedule without paying for your service in full up front.

Please book your appointment as close to the time slot before yours to prevent gaps. I want the maximum amount of clients in a day. If your appointment is at an odd time that’s throwing my calendar off I will contact you personally to reschedule it accordingly. 


My cut off time is 8:00pm. If your style takes 2 hours the latest you can book is 6pm and so on. 


I will be allowing a certain amount of SQUEEZE IN appointments.  This means the date is already booked and you are wanting me to squeeze you in.  There will be an additional $100 added to your balance for these kinds of appointments, no exceptions. 

Saturday Appointments 

I have decided to keep The Braidie Bar closed on Saturdays unless a Squeeze in fee ($100) is included with the service fee. If you want a Saturday appointment contact me personally. 

Personal braider services

If you are interested in hiring me to be your personal braider for yourself or your family that is now possible. Squeeze fee is added to each service (because these appointments will be on Saturdays or Mondays) and a travel fee is added if you would like for me to come to your house to service you there. I have a VIP Client group called THE BRAIDIE BUNCH that will give you early access to my calendar (normally $50) and no retainer fees required (normally $25).  The cost of the membership is $200 a year.  I will still require a mask while servicing you  at your home to protect myself from Covid or any other sicknesses (I have small children at home). If you are interested in this contact me personally. 


Due to COVID-19 shampooing is NO LONGER PROVIDED! However blow drying is included in every service. You will need to come with your hair already shampooed. 

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