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meet shintara

Shintara Nicole

Born February 15, 1984 to Stan and Ferries Carpenter. Shintara was raised in Bayshore Long Island before she moved to Greenville, South Carolina. Shintara came to Ohio on a Track and Field scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. There Shintara broke the school record in triple jump. She held that record for 13 years before it was broken. While at UC Shintara increased her braiding skills by practicing on other athletes and her teammates. She knew she had a knack for braiding and used it to bring in extra money becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 18.

Later in life Shintara started braiding part time to bring in extra money again. When she found out she was pregnant with her son Lennox she decided to no longer work for corporate America but to now work for herself and start a career in braiding. Shintara started braiding in her living room while being able to take care of her baby, becoming a full time working mommy. From there Shintara moved into an indoor flea market where she was able to expand her clientele. She then became a Licensed Braider with the state of Ohio. As her clientele and son outgrew the space she started in, Shintara was forced to move into a bigger space to accommodate the growth of her business. After braiding there for a couple of years a door was open for Shintara to move into a fully functioning salon, Signature Beauty Lofts.

Shintara is an amazing mother, entrepreneur, influencer and BRAIDologist. She has taken everything that has come against her and found ways to use it to strive for greatness. Shintara gives all credit and glory to God for the things that happened in her life. God is her CEO and she doesn’t have a problem telling you about His goodness. There’s so much more that could be said but we’ll let you all discover the rest as you personally encounter Shintara Nicole.

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